Feasibility Study

A feasibility study can be a great way to see what might be possible for a new project. We utalise our collaborative team to bring  our professional experience and knowledge to each project, gauging what might be achievable. To see our process, please scroll below.


Arrange a site visit/ online meet. To discuss your project (including planning process, CDM regulations, project brief, project timeline, design aspirations, budget and appropriate consultants.


Issue a fee proposal and appointment documents, for the feasibility study.


Design a sketch proposal from initial information provided.


Issue sketch proposal to the client and/or other consultants, for initial design meeting/discussion.


Amend and update the sketch proposal if required.


Create feasibility document of information, including; site context, local vernacular, site access, opportunities and constraints, existing layouts, proposed layouts etc.


Issue final feasibility document to client and/or appropriate consultants.

Now that you know the right route for your project, please proceed onto our pre-application process!

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