Chichester master planning

Overall the project seeks to deliver a conceptual development to Chichester which has the potential to expand as and when is needed. As time passes families grow and the need to expand what was a studio apartment into a family home just outside of the city with nature surrounded was the inspiration behind the design.

Initial Chichester sketches

Initial site analysis drew me to several factors. The first was the fresh green nature that is surrounded by both the new and the old. The city walls that surround the central heart was also inspiring with the design and the red bricked walkway that leads to the centre of the city. All these factors plaid a critical part of my initial design thoughts.

Initial design concept

Added to the initial site analysis was the concept of water as the site is surrounded by the basin, home of water sports for the area. The concept of waterfalls and the design approach also encompassed these thoughts.

Conceptual development

Design development

Residential plans Site plan

East elevation

South elevation

Internal renders

Proposed CGI

Scheme sketches