Public Exhibition at the Cyprus College of Art

Context: Post Vital Cities project, theoretical discussions were had, resulting in an invitation to create an exhibition at The Cyprus College of Art.

The Cyprus College of Art is located in Paphos, a coastal city with a history of issues. Predominately, these issues surround the local authorities, people and infrastructure. The tension in the area is notable, with frustrations rising within the local people. The divide, highlighted between the old historical town and the new gentrified coastal town is clear. As tourists flock, in spring and summer times, to visit this Mediterranean island, the tourism industry booms bringing an influx of capital to the area.

These issues were the driving force for the exhibition. As ‘The Drawing Machine’ analysed the process of collaborative design, disrupting the hierarchy of top down ego design, the Cyprus College of Art public exhibition was an expansion upon this, implementing the non-computational algorithmic design machine.

The exhibition was titled the ‘Foreign Administration for Kindling Emergence’, ‘FAKE’, and the concept was to masterplan areas of Paphos with the international style drawings for the public to interpret.

Credits: Ashley Waitt, Declan Ralph, Richard Ford, Victoria Schultz