Finalist in an international design competition

A call to eliminate loneliness


‘Like the air we breathe, friendship and interaction are needed in order to survive and thrive. In the most interconnected, interdependent era of human history, one could be forgiven for thinking that the lives we lead are almost void of loneliness. It is ironic therefore, that the facebook feeds and Instagram stories which define the phenomenon of “social networking” are infact awash with people either striving for unending praise, cliques, and admiration, or people pretending to already have “it”.

We are experiencing a pandemic of loneliness, an infection that continues to dissolve our meaningful social networks with devastating effect. We see a rise of depression, anxiety, suicide, and a feeling of hopelessness that dominates so many people’s lives around the world. In the United Kingdom alone, 75% of doctors say they are seeing between one and five people per day suffering with loneliness, with up to 20% of UK adults feeling lonely either most, or all of the time. Founded on the belief that design can be a vehicle for positive change, Bubble asks you what designers can do to eliminate loneliness in society.’

This year Bubble Competitions hosted an international competition to eliminate loneliness.

My Thesis project investigates the rising issues surrounding loneliness and social isolation within the UK, attempting to provide an alternative model of living which could help radically reduce these alarming statistics. (More information can be found on my projects page later in the book).

The brief allows for anybody to enter, in teams of a maximum of four people. The submission was three competition boards explaining your idea for eliminating loneliness. The panel of judges ranked the entrees based upon the; the idea, the design and the delivery. The top forty entrees made it through to a book that is being published and issued to local authorities and businesses throughout the UK. The book will also be available to the public once published in summer.

For more details and to see the winners, honourable mentions and finalists, please follow the link below: