Principle Designer

We offer our Principle Designer services to manage health and safety throughout a project. We work with other consultants to eliminate or reduce any foreseeable health and safety risks and we put together the pre-construction health and safety file, ready to hand over to the Principle Contractor upon possession of site.


Arrange a site visit/ online meet. To discuss your project (including planning process, CDM regulations, procurement routes, project brief, project timeline, design aspirations, budget and appropriate consultants.


Issue fee proposal and appointment documents.


Read all relevant information, designers risk assessments, existing health and safety files etc with appointed consultants.


Liaise with all consultants and put together a new health and safety file as the project design unfolds.


Assess the hazards and risks of the design and construction, suggesting alternative provisions where necessary to reduce foreseeable health and safety harm.


Work with the whole consultancy team to make sure all information is clearly communicated and documented throughout the pre-construction phase.


Finalise the health and safety file prior to Principle Contractor taking possession of site.


Hand over health and safety file to the Principle Contractor, informing them of any necessary hazards and risks of the development.


Once the project is on site, fulfil Contract Administration duties if appointed. To find out more follow our link.

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